On the Wrong Side of History

While you read the very words I type there is a head being blown off, a family crushed, a vocal cord dislodged, a patient kidnapped, and a child drilled through like Swiss cheese. Here we are in the comfort of our surroundings with the luxury of relative security, most probably guaranteed by the respective states we reside in. And here lay these miserable beings slaughtered for having protested by the guarantors of their own security. I too, earlier in life, protested against authority (mia madre) to which the stiffest punishment would result in the form of a broken badminton racket or a thunderous roar followed by a quick loss of consciousness. Never did it ever end with the removal of a limb or any effect on its motor movement.

To protest is only but human and even though I hate using the quote; to forgive, divine. One would assume the Syrian regime (controlled by the Allawi sect) to prescribe towards all that is divine, be it their ongoing Baathism (a sort of forced baptism) or their alternative to the  more conventional Islam if one can even make that statement. But no, these idiots turn out to be just as idiotic as any other totalitarian regime that has ever existed on earth: paranoid, insecure, malignant and absolutely brutal. I need not go into further detail as to what exactly it is that the lanky giraffe-necked looney is up to other than his cute little lisp. However, I wonder on which side of history future generations will place today’s international community.

The West has quite a track record in support of authoritarian regimes. Just to stay within the letter ‘O’ (as the Hitch would have said), in means of dictators whose names end with it, Franco, Augusto and Suharto first come to mind. In each case we the West have had a problem balancing Realpolitik with our Liberal Democratic values adding to the animosity felt by the peoples of the East and the South. I salute the West’s support in Gaddafi’s overthrow, although, I will have to reserve judgment on what side of history we will be seen on in times to come. One cannot avoid our coziness with the insolent Arab Kingdoms of the Middle Ages, I mean… the Middle East.

A bit more to the east, Turkey’s reaction to the Syrian crisis has been intriguing to say the least. Let me first disclose a bias before we proceed. I detest the Turkish government’s moronic Ottoman-arrogance many a times displayed by the self-righteous and self-instituted guardian of the Palestinian people (and of course the rest of the Muslim “Umma” as opposed to Turks) Recep (the bulldog) Erdogan. Having said that (and putting aside AKP’s recent fundamentally undemocratic measures), I most certainly applaud the government’s strong support for the Syrian opposition not to mention their death-blow to the Kemalist military reminiscent of the many ‘Mortal Combat’ fatality combinations.

Further to the East we have emerging economies such as the BRIC countries (with the exception of Brazil). Without going into a fit of rage on Russia and China’s veto on the current UN resolution calling for Bashar al-Assad to step down, a senior government official from India today had to shamelessly “clarify” the country’s position as not that of regime change. Maybe due its own oppression of revolt in Kashmir, it can sympathize with Syria having the need to add a bit of the Machiavellian touch to its governance style. What can one expect from Brazil having just come out of the burrows of dictatorship not too long ago to have its own “reservations” over international intervention.

One thing I can state almost unequivocally is that Russia with its continuation of arms sales to the Syrian killing machine and China in its contribution to the late “Brother Leader’s” Gaddafiism (laid out in his Green Book inspired by Mao’s own Red one) in the form of a munitions offer are, to put it mildly, on the wrong side of history!

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3 Comments to "On the Wrong Side of History"

  1. Bongi Sarkar's Gravatar Bongi Sarkar
    February 7, 2012 - 07:51 | Permalink

    Interesting. Syria’s Asaad and Co are among the worst of the lot, having gone east-Los on their subjects with Hitler’s zeal. Back then, in the late 70s and early 80s, time may have been on their side but not now. As one of the most oppressed like to say ‘Never Again’…hopefully!

  2. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    February 7, 2012 - 10:00 | Permalink

    so we should initiate another war with a Muslim country so we can be on the right side of history? hell, why don’t we throw Iran into the mix too since we have such a surplus of money and enough resources to fight several wars simultaneously since that has worked so well in the past.

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