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Eghbale Lahori (Allama Iqbal) – ‘Shahin wa Mahi’ Translation

Very few people from Pakistan may know that Allama Iqbal is popularly known as Eghbale Lahori in Iran. Here is the Urdu recitation of his Persian poem “Shahin wa Mahi” (The Eagle & The Fish) from his book Piam-e-Mashriq (Message From The East) [...] Watch.

Tough Love

“By now, most of our well-informed readers would have read two articles posted on Tuesday. One was by Mr. Aatish Taseer, and the rebuttal by Mr. Ejaz Haider.” Ali Khan critically analyzes recent articles by Aatish Taseer on Pakistan’s Indian “Hate” Policy and it’s response by Ejaz Haider.

One Liter Of Light

Using the simplest of technologies to brighten dim places, the bottles, which contain bleach and water, are placed into a purpose-built hole in the roof. They reflect sunlight and spread it through the room beneath. Watch Video.

Discovering Pakistan – Hingol National Park, Baluchistan

Covering about 1650 sq. km, Hingol National Park, the largest National Park in Pakistan, lies on the Makran coast approximately 190 km from Karachi. The area was for the first time declared reserved in 1988.

Colbert Report: Norwegian Muslish Gunman’s Islam-Esque Atrocity

Watch …….. Stephen Colbert discusses the way media started speculating identity of terrorists after attacks in Norway. And once it was confirmed that the man behind attacks was not Muslim, no one came forward to apologize for the false reporting.

Aatish’s Personal Fire

“Aatish’s father did not ‘hate’ India. He was one of those who did much to open up Lahore — to Indians — by using the Basant festival. There is not a single viable political party in Pakistan that does not want to normalise with India”.

Ejaz Haider responds to Aatish’s article, published recently in Wall Street Journal, and presents the other side of the story in Express Tribune. Read More.

Why My Father Hated India

Ten days before he was assassinated, my father, Salman Taseer, sent out a tweet about an Indian rocket that had come down over the Bay of Bengal: “Why does India make fools of themselves messing in space technology? Stick 2 bollywood my advice.”

Aatish Taseer, the son of an assassinated Pakistani leader, explains the history behind a deadly relationship in The Wall Street Journal. Read More.

Remembering ‘Mr. Wrong’: Ifti Nasim (1946 – 2011)

“So ladies and gentlemen, here was someone who managed to defy all odds, and who climbed the ladder of success not rung by rung but wrong by wrong. My best friend. Mr. Wrong to the rest of the world, Ms. Right for me. Ifti.”

Azra Raza pays a beautiful and moving tribute to poet, writer and human rights activitist, Mr. Iftikhar Nasim.

Sachal Orchestra Tops iTunes Jazz Charts

Last week we posted about a Pakistani Jazz group, Sachal Orchestra which is creating buzz among music lovers all across the world. And today we came to know that the group has already topped the iTunes charts in US and UK. Share this:Email

Diminishing returns: What South Asia’s diaspora can do for the lands of their forefathers

The Economist. July 21, 2011. Print edition LIKE the alumni of a cash-strapped college, ethnic South Asians living abroad are constantly being pestered to fork out a bit for the dear old place. After all, South Asia remains poor, and they, collectively, are loaded. According to a 2009 estimate,Indians,Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans and Nepalis living [...]

Jazz Classics Reinvented In Pakistan

A new orchestra in the Pakistani city of Lahore is causing some excitement in the world of jazz – and turning around their own fortunes at the same time. The veteran American jazz musician, Dave Brubeck has described their interpretation of one of his tracks as “the most interesting recording of it he has ever heard”…… Click to watch and read more

Tough Decisions

In two weeks, the House will start deciding where and how much to cut in the 2012 budget. We know that tough decisions need to be made, but now is not the time to cut poverty-fighting programs that we know work–programs that fight the root causes of chronic hunger, have helped put more than 6 [...]

Real Life Indiana Jones Bridge Over Hussaini Lake

If you love the intense fear of the most dangerous roller coasters, you might enjoy a walk across this bridge. It is old, narrow, high above a lake and to top it all the wooden planks are missing.

Extreme Bargains and death of a book store

In September of this year, Borders will close its remaining 399 stores. At its peak, Borders had more than a thousand stores across the United States. NPR did a good story about Borders and why it failed while Barnes and Nobles survived. You can read/listen-to it at  . Share this:Email

Ni Othan Waley – Atta-ullah Esakhelvi

Watch and Listen: Beautiful live version of Atta Ullah’s famous number ‘Ni Othan Waley’ in Coke Studio